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At Auto Detailing In Tampa paint correction is our specialty. We use a long and labor-intensive paint correction process through which paint is properly compounded and restored to bring back that like-new look of your vehicle. We bring your vehicle’s paint to a new level of clarity and shine by using the best products and the safest paint techniques. We use machine painting to give a smooth look to your vehicle. First, we remove unsightly swirl marks from the vehicle and improve the deep scratches and then paint the vehicle. So the result will be very shiny, glossy, and reflect your vehicle’s paint to a new level.

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Process Of Paint Correction

When you get your vehicle to Auto Detailing In Tampa, our team will first examine the condition of your car and then explain the treatment we will do to your car. They will also tell you about the estimate of the whole project, after everything is decided then they will start the process of paint correction.

The vehicle will be first washed using car-safe washers and then dried with microfiber towels. After that, if there are any scratches or marks, first they are improved and the paint is applied to the vehicle. If your vehicle’s condition is very bad, then two or more layers of paint will be used. No matter how many layers of paint we apply, the end look will be clean, smooth and shiny.

After the complete application of the paint, our team will also help you with the cleaning of the car. They will clean and dry the door jams and clean wheel faces and barrels using appropriate brushes. Tires and exhaust tips will also be washed and polished. After the whole process, paint sealant is applied to keep the paint shiny, protected, and long-lasting.